With Growing Popularity Amid Pandemic Shutdowns Podcasts Thrive


Global podcasts listeners increased some 42% since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, with listeners having more time at home looking for new forms of entertainment of information. Business, finance, education, and entertainment are all trending topics since early march when shutdowns began.

Also, news consumption has risen among podcasts listeners eager to hear updates regarding pandemic restrictions and re-opening as well as ongoing political unrest throughout the United States. Some 90 million people listen to podcasts every month meaning their reach is similar to that of traditional media.

During this time of economic uncertainty Americans have been spending more time listening to finance specific podcasts, while also finding welcome diversions with music, comedy, and true crime related content also seeing an uptick in listenership. Podcasts are also providing listeners connections with their favorite public personalities. With podcasts having relatively more straightforward production methods than some other forms of media many listeners are even deciding to start their own.

With a relatively basic setup of a microphone and computer podcasts are reasonably inexpensive to start and allow their creators to pick a topic and explore it in a more profound sense while connecting with peers from around the world. We’re developing the V2 Desktop Microphone Stand for the unique needs of podcasters based on the V1’s patented platform.

Due to the long form nature of podcasts they create a deeper bond between audiences and producers and are quickly becoming as mainstream as broadcast radio or television. If they’ve proven anything it’s that this is a format that is going to remain accessible even when social distancing guidelines are relaxed.

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