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VEX Stands’ innovative Hexagonal design combines durability with universal connection

VEX Stands’ innovative Hexagonal design combines durability with universal connection

With the introduction of the V1 mic stand, VEX Stands is breaking into the music and live performance space with a groundbreaking piece of equipment that lays the framework for more exciting products to come. The unique, proprietary design of this mic stand relies on the building block of the universe, the Hexagon. The Hexagon is not only the strongest shape for torque in engineering, which allows maximum load distribution; it is also widely believed to be the shape at the center of the universe. The V1 mic stand enhances the connection that bonds performers and audiences by utilizing this universal shape while delivering unparalleled strength, durability, and performance.

The brainchild of designer Thomas Lopez, VEX Stands’ number one priority is innovation, and Lopez is no stranger to that, he holds over twenty patents for creative inventions in multiple industries. Thomas joined forces with Kirk Reznik, better known as K-Tel Disco, one of the founding members of seminal hip hop punk band Phunk Junkeez. Combining both of their creative spirits, VEX Stands reimagines the performance equipment industry. If anyone understands the demands a performer puts on their equipment during tours or live performances, it’s Kirk Reznik, whose live performances are legendary, couple this with Lopez’s inventive mind, and you have a powerful duo who are ready to deliver innovative, rugged microphone stands and more. Lopez and Reznik have both been involved in the underground music and live performance scene for over thirty years and have enduring love for the DIY spirit.

The VEX V1 has a proprietary adjustment latch that significantly improves on the traditional clutch and twist system, which loosens over time and increases the chance of malfunction during a performance. With a die-cast steel base and sturdy hexagonal aluminum stands, the V1 comes with an equally rugged carrying case with a 1680D PVC exterior complemented by the heavy-duty EVA foam interior. In addition to the V1 mic stand, VEX has several other products in development, including two microphone carrying cases. With a capacity of carrying six microphones, their dual-layer design accommodates the most popular microphone models, including the workhorse Shure SM58 and Beta 58A, Shure Beta 87A, Audix OM-3, Sennheiser e835 and other mics with a similar profile. For performers who only use one mic, they also have a single microphone carrying case, which guarantees protection for one of the most essential pieces of equipment in any arsenal.

VEX will make its international debut at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2021, held in Anaheim, California, from January 21-24. VEX believes in groundbreaking innovation and never settling for mediocrity. This isn’t a new product dreamed up by some engineer who never interacts with musicians and is trying to cut costs for a faceless corporation. Developed and manufactured with working performers in mind, this equipment holds the true spirit of DIY at its core

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