VEX Stands announces New V2 Desktop Mic Stand for Podcasters and Video Conferencing


As the necessity for at home microphone use has increased during COVID-19 lockdowns and millions of Americans are working from home and connecting with each other through video conferencing, Lead Designer and Engineer of VEX Stands Thomas Lopez has created the V2 Desktop Microphone Stand. Inspired by their V1 Microphone Stand, Lopez has used the same vision of over-engineering and thoughtful design to create the V2.

By delivering the same rugged durability in the V2, VEX has created professional quality equipment with the home consumer in mind. VEX will debut the V1 and V2 at the 2021 NAMM Exhibition in Anaheim, CA. Lopez holds over twenty unique patents in multiple industries and has been active in the DIY scene for more than three decades. He takes his experience in creating and designing these products one step further by collaborating with working performers and musicians to develop products based on their demands.

The V2 is a compact solution designed for desktop use and home video conferencing needs. Consistent adjustment is facilitated by the ergonomic locking lever, which ensures consistent adjustment every time. Lopez collaborated with working podcasters and at-home users to develop the V2 and deliver a microphone stand tailored to their unique needs. Lopez utilizes the Hexagonal design in both the V1 and V2 mic stands and believes in the shape’s ability to create a universal connection. The hexagon is a foundational shape of the universe and creates one of the most substantial structures in nature.

Among the VEX Stands product line, the V2 is the next evolution delivering the same pro-grade construction for home users in a compact package tailored for any workspace. With a maximum height of 15” and a base of 6.5” the V2 blends compactness and sturdiness. While working from home has become the new norm, home users are discovering the limitations of onboard microphones and are exploring upgrades to deliver higher quality audio solutions; the V2 is perfectly suited for enhancing an at-home microphone setup.

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