New App to Revolutionize Cannabis Cultivation and Build Large Networks of DIY Growers

As cannabis becomes more mainstream and finds itself with two identities, a new app aptly dubbed Seedy has established itself to allow home cannabis growers to network, buy, and sell seeds and equipment and build like-minded communities around common goals. Marijuana use has long been associated with the underground or counter-culture, but as legalization efforts have spread across the US, many users focus on the health and wellness benefits found in the diverse chemical compounds in THC, CBD, and CBG. As cannabis culture becomes focused on wellness, its image is changing as well. Even brands as wide-reaching as Goop are extolling the benefits of cannabis, so clearly, this is no longer the Cheech and Chong brand of marijuana. 

Seedy allows users and brands alike to post boutique strains of seeds for home cultivation as well as new and used equipment, soil enhancers, and other accessories associated with at-home or DIY cannabis cultivation. By growing your own cannabis, consumers can guarantee the strain, purity, and quality of their plants, while knowing that there are no harmful pesticides or additives in their cannabis. Another benefit of home cultivation is that it’s significantly more affordable than purchasing through retail dispensaries.

One of Seedy’s most revolutionary features is that it allows users to utilize the marketplace and engage with it as a social networking site to share tips and ideas while building communities across the globe. And this is just the beginning as full legalization has spread to eleven US States, and medicinal use is legal in thirty-three states; it’s only a matter of time before federal legislation makes cannabis use legal throughout the United States, which will likely trigger legalization internationally.

Seedy imagines a future where home cannabis cultivation is not hidden in the shadows and grow set-ups blend into even the most contemporary spaces. Seedy parent company HEXGRO produces thoughtfully designed grow tents that utilize modern inspiration combined with rugged construction and unparalleled internal symmetry. HEXGRO and Seedy have a mutual goal of giving cannabis cultivation a new image; one of wellness and elegance, not lava lamps and roach clips.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has shutdown most normal operation of businesses across the US, it’s also made clear that more Americans will shift their habits to home-based activities and grow their own cannabis for recreational or medicinal use will likely see a start rise in the coming months and years. Seedy looks to become the number one digital cannabis marketplace and synonymous with home growing.

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