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Innovation lies at the core of what we do. At VEX, we’re committed to manufacturing unique and durable mic stands built to withstand the demands of every musician. But, we aren’t just making these based on what we think musicians need, we collaborate with active, professional musicians to ensure that our gear meets every rigor of touring, live shows, and studio use. Our patented hexagonal design takes our connection one step further. The hexagon not only offers the strongest torque in engineering, allowing maximum load distribution but is also the shape at the center of the universe. Just as musicians connect with their audience, the hexagon connects all of us to the world. We believe in pushing the envelope, and our founding principle of visionary innovation drives everything we do. Our engineers and manufacturers are committed to developing and delivering the highest quality musical equipment for hard-working musicians. We’re not some faceless corporation. VEX is a dedicated team of musicians and fans alike who are committed to creating innovative products to allow musicians to keep doing what they do best without worrying about gear malfunction.

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Thomas Lopez – Founder | Designer

VEX founder Thomas Lopez has been an integral part of the DIY, underground music, and punk-rock scene in Phoenix for over thirty years. His passion for these innovative genres is the inspiration behind everything VEX stands for.
With over 20 patents in multiple industries, Thomas founded VEX to create products that break new ground with working musicians and live performers in mind.

In addition to founding VEX, Thomas is also the owner-operator of Slope Records, a vinyl-only punk label with an extensive roster of punk legends and young guns alike. His bond with these musicians allows him a unique connection to truly understand their needs and use this as inspiration for the products VEX manufactures.

Innovation is at the core of VEX’s values and, as chief designer, Thomas’ vision is rooted in that spirit, by continually exploring and creating solutions to common flaws. VEX is leading the way in thoughtfully designed gear that’s built to last.

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Kirk Reznik – Artist Relations

Kirk Reznik, also known as K-Tel Disco, was a founding member of seminal Arizona Hip-Hop Punk band Phunk Junkeez. He’s now joined forces with Thomas Lopez to develop VEX into an industry leader in musical and live performance equipment.

If anyone knows the demands a working musician puts on their gear, it’s Kirk. Phunk Junkeez performances were legendary for their intensity and high energy.

Kirk understands the rigors of touring and the frustration that can be brought on by faulty equipment. In his role as Director of Artist Relations, he works closely with industry insiders to develop and maintain relationships with performers.

With over thirty years in the industry, Kirk knows it inside and out. His work with Phunk Junkeez has even been displayed in the Tempe History Museum. By collaborating with VEX, Kirk brings his experience, knowledge, and innovative spirit together to revolutionize what performers expect from their gear.

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Mitch Phillips - Designer

Mitch Phillips is bringing her talented eye for design and styling to VEX Stands, giving our signature bags and cases limited edition runs bearing her signature style. Mitch’s unique eye for design and innovative style has led to her collaboration with everyone from actor Mitchell Hoog to model Susan Holmes McKagan. Her eclectic style reflects the vibrancy and energy she brings to every project she works on, and pairs flawlessly with VEX’s core values of innovation and expression.

Phillip’s background in design and styling is also informed by her collection of vintage clothing, which runs the gamut of era’s from 60’s bohemian, 70’s-80’s glam rock and punk aesthetics. In addition to these pursuits, she’s an interior designer and avid nature lover.

Our collaborations with Mitch are going to bring a new level of distinctive aesthetics and innovative designs to the VEX product line.

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