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VEX Stands is committed to producing high-quality, innovative recording and live performance equipment for working musicians and performers. We understand the demands put on gear and have worked closely with our team of engineers and working musicians to produce durable pieces of equipment that are guaranteed to last. The Hexagon is found at the most atomic levels of our Universe and is believed to create a universal connection throughout technological, natural, and philosophical disciplines. VEX Stands builds this concept into every aspect of what we do and believe in deepening the relationship between performers and their audiences by tapping into universal consciousness. By collaborating with engineers and performers, we have developed superior products informed by the rigors of live performance and recording. We continue to push the boundaries with inventive concepts based on traditional necessities.

Durable Mic Stands

Sturdy Die-Cast Steel Base and Aluminum Poles Deliver the Utmost in Durability and Comfort

Hexagonal Design

Patented Design Allows for Maximum Strength While Also Creating Universal Connections Between Musicians and Audiences

Innovative Design

Over Engineered with Ground-Breaking Tech and Collaboration Between Engineers and Working Performers

VEX V1 Mic Stand

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Our groundbreaking VEX V1 Mic Stand offers unprecedented durability, innovative design, and a proprietary adjacent lever. The sturdy die-cast steel base gives a truly anchored, stable feel, and the patented hexagonal aluminum poles are engineered for unparalleled strength and comfort.

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